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Terms of Use


This website has informational purposes only and is not an offer to purchase. The use of the Website by is made at user’s own risks. The content of this Website does not constitute and can in no way be construed as providing advice, direct or indirect encouragement to users to take any action. Its use is governed by the following terms and conditions and presupposes their unconditional acceptance. In case of disagreement, you should not visit this Website.

The Company may change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice or introduce more specific ones, which shall prevail over the more general ones.

The Company makes every effort possible to ensure the online presence of the Website and its Content, but cannot secure it, as its availability depends on numerous factors beyond the control and influence of the Company or regardless of its will. The Company, at its sole discretion, may, without notice, maintain the Website, change its nature and content, or suspend its operation.

The Company makes an effort to ensure that the content of the Website will include accurate and non-misleading information. In any case, the Company does not guarantee the security and the content of the Website, a fact which is accepted by its visitors-users. In addition, the Company does not guarantee that the use of any information, data or material contained in the Website will not infringe the rights of third parties. On the contrary, the content of the website includes material that constitutes the intellectual and industrial property of third parties and is not allowed to be reproduced.

For the convenience of its users, the Website practices referrals through “links”, hyperlinks or banners to third party websites. For the content, the services provided, the terms of use, the security policy, the legality and the validity of these third parties websites, the Company bears no responsibility at all. Consequently, the connection to them is made on user’s own risk. The providers of these Websites have full civil and criminal liability for the security, legality and validity of the content of their websites and services. Users’ obligations include compliance with the terms of use of these websites. For any problem arising from the use / visit of these websites, users are invited to contact the respective providers.


The trademarks, logos, insignia appearing on the Website and the depictions of persons or places or things that are part of its Content, are the property of the Company or third parties. Their use, without prior written permission from the beneficiaries, is strictly prohibited. The Website and its Content, texts, images, graphics, information material of all kinds, trademarks, insignia, patents, names, designs, photos, data, software, are the intellectual and industrial property of TERRANAXIA P.C. or third parties used with their permission and protected by provisions of Greek, European and international law.

Pursuant to Law 2121/1993 (as amended and in force today), the Berne International Convention (ratified by Law 100/1975) and the relevant provisions on the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, any form of copying, modification, intervention, transfer, distribution, resale, rental, republishing, reproduction, retransmission in electronic or mechanical form, storage, printing, production of work, download by anyone or misleading the public of the actual owner of the Website’s Content, is expressly prohibited.

Products, services, brand, trademarks or insignia of third parties that appear on the Company’s Website, are the intellectual and industrial property of third parties, who also bear the relevant responsibility.

The information submitted to the Company through this Website, is considered as non-confidential information and is not an asset of the user in question. The Company may collect limited information for its commercial activities.


Users are requested not to visit the company’s website if they do not trust it. Users are also encouraged to use anti-virus software. In case of damage or infection by digital viruses of the computer or other electronic medium used by the user in order to access / visit / use the Website or to download any material, data, text, images, video, or audio of its Content, the Company bears absolutely no responsibility. Everything contained in the Website is provided to users “as is”, without any warranty. Consequently, any direct, consequential, ancillary, indirect or other damages arising from the access to the Website, or its use, do not give rise to liability of the Company, or its executives, or its directors, or its employees or associates, or any of its representatives.

None of the terms of use of the Website violates the legally guaranteed rights of the consumers.


Users are obliged to use the website, in accordance with morals and these terms, and to refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior, as well as from the adoption of illegal practices and practices of unfair competition. If the visitor uses the Website illegally or contrary to these terms, he is obliged to compensate the Company for any direct and indirect damage.

If there would be a way to conduct conversations through the Company’s Website, this should be done based on the terms dictated by the INTERNET User Code of Conduct (“NETIQUETTE”). The company has the right to preview the comments of the users and not to allow their postings (moderation).

Users are prohibited from posting / transferring / distributing through the Website material that could be considered illegal, threatening, harmful, defamatory, abusive, offensive, pornographic, blasphemous, harassing, obscene or to encourage unlawful or criminal conduct, or to violate someone else’s privacy, or to express racial, ethnic or other discrimination.

In case of non-compliance with the present terms of use and the applicable law, the Company reserves itself the right to take any necessary action against the Users, such as prohibiting their access to all or part of the services provided through the Website, as well as processing, moving and deleting messages.

In case the Company is involved in any legal dispute or is called to pay any kind of compensation, due to breach by the user of its obligations arising from these terms, the user will have to fully compensate the Company.

MINORS The use of the website is only addressed to adults and minors supervised by adults. The Company’s policy is against the collection of data on minors, ie persons under the age of eighteen.

APPLICABLE LAW – COMPETETENT COURTS The use of the website, the terms and conditions and their modifications, are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. If a provision is declared invalid or void, it automatically ceases to apply, without in any case affecting the validity of the other terms. For any dispute the competent courts of Athens have jurisdiction and the Greek law is applicable, exemption made to the rules of private international law and the conflict-of-law rules.

For more information and clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address, TERRANAXIA P.C., 30 Lokridos str, Chalandri, Attika, Greece, email: info@terranaxia.com