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1 Introduction Whenever you contact our Company (TERRANAXIA P.C.) through our website or you use any of our products and services, you provide us with personal information (personal data). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you on what Personal Data (PD) we collect, why we collect it, what is the legal framework that allows us to process them and how you can exercise your rights, ie to request information on your data, their deletion, their possible updating, etc. It also documents our compliance with the legislation and in particular with the EU Regulation 679/2016 & the relevant Greek legislation for the Protection of Personal Data (PD). This Privacy Policy was posted on our website on 21.07.2021 and replaces any previous version.

  1. Who we are TERRANAXIA is specialized in the construction of residential properties (new works, renovations, additions, etc.) and to the long term and short term leasing of furnished apartments. More information is available on the website www.terranaxia.gr
  2. What Personal Data we process Personal Data (PD) is any information which can reveal, directly or indirectly, your identity as a specific individual. We compulsorily process (ie: collect, manage, store, delete) PD for the exercise of our business and always in compliance with laws and regulations. You (as an individual) are not obliged to provide us with the PD we may request, but, in the event of your refusal, we may not be able to provide you with products or services you have requested or respond to your requests with consistency, speed and quality, or at all. When you contact us, visit our website, cooperate with us, or ask us questions, we may request relevant personal information (ie PD such as: name, address, email, phone, IBAN etc) depending on the type of relationship between us. You may also choose to provide us with additional PD (as in the case of sending a CV) or additional information (such as tax or business details, as part of your briefing or co-operation investigation).
  1. How we collect the PD we process

The information we collect can be:

  • the PD that you send us or give us (i.e., when you communicate with us, by electronic or other means)
  • the PD that we collect automatically (i.e., during your visit to our website)
  • the PD that we collect from other sources (such as advertising networks, our customers or published databases).

When you visit and interact with our site, certain information may be automatically collected, such as your computer’s web address (IP), browser type, or operating system. The aim is to evaluate the visitors of our website, the effectiveness of communication, etc. We do not manage or process geolocation data.

When you contact us, we keep a record of our interaction / messages, in order  to resolve any issues you may have. We do not allow unauthorized entities, especially without your consent, access to your information. In some cases, our customers or partners provide us with access to the data of their customers, suppliers or third parties (who may be individuals) in the context of our cooperation. In these cases, our Company operates as the “processor” of personal data. Consequently, in these cases, different provisions of GDPR  679/2016 apply, with which we fully comply.

  1. How we use PD We use (process) the information we collect, as described above, only for a lawful purpose as:
  • to process your order and complete its shipment,
  • to process your query or request and provide you with a service,
  • to provide you with personalized and up-to-date services and / or products,
  • to contact you in order to inform you about new services or products that may interest you,
  • to process your payment or prevent or detect possible fraud,
  • to respond to your complaints or questions,
  • to implement the framework of this Privacy Policy,
  • to develop and improve the products, services, communication methods and functionality of our websites,
  • to provide personalized communication and targeted advertising.
  • statistical reasons
  • general advertising reasons (google ads)
  • To email you, our newsletter.

In cases where we use PD for direct marketing purposes, promotional communications for new services or other offers that we believe may be of interest to you, you have the right to exercise your rights (see par.8) by informing us that you do not wish to receive such messages in the future (see par 10 & par 13).

  1. How long we keep your personal data We will process personal data for the minimum period necessary to serve your needs or our legitimate interest and will store the personal data only for as long as necessary, depending on the purpose of their processing. For example, we may need to use your PD to respond to your complaints or inquiries about a product or service and as a result we may retain personal information while you are still using our product or service (i.e. warranty period). We may also need to retain your personal data for accounting purposes (the retention period is defined by legislation relating to tax obligations). If we no longer need PD we delete them or make them anonymous by removing all the details that identify you.

In addition, the duration of keeping (storage) of personal data depends on the legal basis of the processing, such as:

  • In the event that the processing of PD is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests, the processing of PD will take place for as long as it is necessary to achieve the intended purpose and for as long as is still required, until the limitation period for possible legal claims has elapsed.
  • In case the personal data is provided consensually by the individuals themselves, for example in the context of the registration in the services of the website, we will keep your data for as long as we maintain a contractual relationship with you (in printed or electronic form) or until it is removed the given consent. In the event that, for any reason, consent is withdrawn, we will retain them for as long as is still required until the statute of limitations expires for any relevant claims.
  • If we have requested your permission (consent) to process your personal data and we have no other legitimate reason to continue this processing, and you withdraw your consent, we will delete your personal data. However, when you unsubscribe (i.e., from marketing communications or newsletter), we will retain your email address to ensure that we do not send you any brochures in the future.
  • In case the legal basis of the processing is the implementation of the order / contract or to take measures at your request before concluding the contract, then we will keep your data for as long as you maintain a contractual relationship with us or we will keep it for as long as required until the limitation period of any relevant claims has elapsed.
  1. With whom we share your PD We do not disclose or share PD with other companies, organizations and individuals, for the purpose of direct or indirect advertising and communication. We disclose or share PD with third parties in the following cases:
  • With your consent: We share PD with companies, organizations and individuals when we have your consent.
  • For external processing: We provide PD to our external partners and to companies or individuals we trust to process them for our own use (i.e., accounting or computer support) and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and appropriate confidentiality and security measures as required by the Regulation EU 679/2016.
  • For legal purposes: We share PD with competent public services when this is reasonably necessary and in order to comply with laws, regulations, etc.
  • In the context of scientific research: We can provide anonymized PD in the context of scientific or statistical studies.
  • For the purposes of the legitimate interests: We share PD with our affiliated companies, taking all appropriate measures for data protection and security.
  1. Your rights Our customers, users of our services and visitors to our website have, under the Privacy Policy, the following rights (which should not be in conflict with the relevant legislation).

Your rights regarding PD are:

  • Right to information: You have the right to receive clear and comprehensible information about how your personal data is used and your rights. This Privacy Policy provides you with relevant information.
  • Right of access & correction: You have the right to access, correct or update your personal data at any time.
  • Right to portability: You can receive the PD you have provided to us, in a structured, readable and interoperable format, and pass it on to another organization. This right is granted to you when your personal data has been provided based on your consent or in the performance of a contract.
  • Right to delete PD: You have the right to request that we delete your personal information in certain cases. The exercise of your right can always be done in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation (i.e., you can not request the deletion of PD when labor law or the tax authorities require that it be maintained for a certain period of time).
  • Right to object / limit the processing of PD: You have the right to ask us to limit the processing of PD in certain circumstances, including processing for direct marketing.
  • Right to object to automated processing, including profiling – you also have the right to be subject to the legal effects of automated processing or profiling.
  • Right to file a complaint to the Independent Authority for the Protection of PD http://www.dpa.gr/ regarding how we process your personal data.
  • Right to withdraw your consent: If you have given your consent to the processing of PD, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time (if you do, it does not mean that it is illegal that we did with your valid consent by the date of withdrawal). You can withdraw your consent to the processing of PD at any time by contacting us at the details mentioned in §13 “Contact us”.

On how to exercise your rights, see § 10.

More information and advice about your rights can be found on the website of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (http://www.dpa.gr/) or at any national data protection authority in your country.

  1. Our Obligations Our obligations include the principle of accountability regarding the principles governing the processing of PD (legality, objectivity and transparency, limitation of the purpose of processing, PD minimization, PD accuracy, limitation of storage period, security, integrity, and confidentiality).

We process PD only if one of the following legal conditions applies (legal basis). We determine the legal basis for the processing of PD, depending on the purpose for which we have collected and used your personal data. In any case, the legal basis can be:

  • CONSENT: the data subject (you) has consented to the PD processing (i.e., you have given your consent to send you information messages). You can withdraw your consent for the processing of PD, at any time, by contacting us at the details mentioned in §13 “Contact us”.
  • CONTRACT IMPLEMENTATION: when the PD processing is necessary for the implementation of the contract, where the individual (you) is a party or to take measures at the request of the individual before concluding a contract.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION: when processing is necessary for our compliance with legal requirements (i.e., labor or tax legislation).
  • OUR LEGAL INTERESTS: processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller (us) unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the natural person (you) prevail. When it is necessary to understand our customer, to promote our products / services and to operate our websites and applications effectively. For example, we will rely on our legitimate interest in analyzing the content displayed on our websites and applications to understand how they are used. It is also in our legitimate interest to conduct marketing analysis to determine which products and services may be relevant to the interests of our customers and potential customers.

In addition, we implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the individual (you), the Company (us) and our associates from unauthorized access or alteration, violation or destruction of the PD we have in our possession. Specifically:

  • We monitor data collection, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to protect against unauthorized access to systems and processes.
  • Access to PD is restricted and controlled, and access holders are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations.
  • In the event that external partners (for maintenance or support purposes) have potential access to PD, they are bound by a confidentiality agreement or related attachments to existing partnership agreements that meet the requirements of the Regulation

Throughout the PD processing cycle (from collection to PD destruction) we take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of PD. We require similar measures from third parties handling or processing PD.

Our services, products and website are not intended for children under the age of 16. We do not, to our knowledge, process PD of children under 16 years of age.

  1. Access to your own information In the context of the rights granted to you by the Data Protection Regulation, you may request an update, correction or restriction on the processing or deletion of your own PD (see your rights in Section 8 for details).

You can exercise your rights by contacting us at the contact details listed in section 13 (Contact Us), requesting the Subject Access Request (SAR), completing it and sending it to us. We are obliged to respond to you within one month from the receipt of your request.

  1. Cookie information We use cookies in order to improve the speed and quality of service, whenever you visit our website.
    A cookie is information, in the form of a file, that is stored on your computer and improves the performance of the website in relation to your service. They are widely used for the most efficient operation of websites as well as to provide information to us, the website owners.

For more information you can see the Cookies Policy link .

  1. Links to other websites Transmitting information over the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do everything we can, to protect your personal data in the context of our cooperation, we cannot guarantee the security of PD at the stage of their transmission, and therefore you provide it at your own risk. If we provide links to other organizations’ websites, this Privacy Policy does not cover how the other organization processes personal data. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of the other site you visit.
  2. Contact us
    DP Processing Manager / Contact Person
    Name: Dionysios Alimpertis
    Address: 30 Lokridos str, Chalandri, Attika, Greece
    Mail: info@terranaxia.com
    Telephone: (+30) 2285027420
    Web: https://terranaxia.com