Our architectural approach starts with the owner’s needs and draws inspiration from the natural environment for each unique project.

Design-wise, the constant search for new ideas and forms with architectural quality aims at translating desires into a structured environment, integrated into the natural surroundings.

Οur space design is driven by the special character of the Cycladic landscape, forming a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces with a unique atmosphere for each user.

Vivlos House

linear flow

The mildly sloping plot in Tripodes area is located just off Vivlos Village on Naxos, offering impressive unobstructed views over the Aegean Sea. Therefore, the house consists of three main volumes and has been designed laterally on a large, protected courtyard, facing the magnificent view to the west to its entirety.

The development of the building is linear: it follows a path from the exterior parking space and passes by the guest house, then through the courtyard and the main living space, to end at the bedrooms of the main house.

The white Cycladic volumes of the house, with their slightly inclining walls, resemble the traditional ‘pyrgospita’ (castle-houses) of Naxos and blend with the linear stone walls that integrate into the landscape.

Functionally, the middle white volume consists of a large open-space living room and a kitchen with direct access to both the central yard, which is protected by the wind, and the front outdoor space featuring lounge areas near the pool.

All bedrooms have private verandas and provide access to the back, being independent from the common living areas of the house. Finally, a multi-purpose covered space has been placed behind the central yard.

jardin mediterraneen

This building has been designed to consist of two separate residences, near the village of Agios Panteleimonas, overlooking the sea.

Α garden full of Mediterranean plants surrounds the building; that way, it helps enliven the vegetation of the landscape but also embraces it at the same time.

The functions of each house are separated into small volumes, which are united through the open spaces. The micro-scale feeling, which is an important feature of Cycladic architecture, is kept consistent in this manner.

Warm earthy colors have been chosen for the building, in order for it to be integrated into the surrounding garden.

Each residence consists of a large open-space living room and a kitchen with direct access to both the central yard and the pool, three bedrooms, and an atrium that leads to a roof with a built-in lounge area through a staircase. This lounge magnificently overlooks the Aegean Sea.


The building has been designed on a secluded slope, just off Vivlos Village on Naxos. The steep slope of the plot provides a concealed spot for the project, as well as unobstructed views over the sea.

The entrance to the complex is located at the top of the site, where parking spaces are provided for each house. Three pathways lead down to each residence at the bottom of the plot.

Each one hosts the main functions in a volume that is separate from the bedrooms, thus striking a balance in terms of functionality.

Each courtyard includes a pool and unites the volumes through covered outdoor areas with wooden pergolas.

A built-in living room has been designed in this outdoor transitional zone, offering a place of serenity and relaxation overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The selection of earthy tones for the building, as well as the creation of stone towers and partition walls, facilitate the integration of the building into the natural environment.


The new complex will be integrated into a lush green western slope of the Stelida settlement in Naxos. The plot runs vertically to the slopy ground, all the way down to the rocky shore. The tranquility of the area is interrupted solely by the sounds of the crashing waves, while in the evening magnificent sunsets make the unique setting even more idyllic.

In an effort to not disturb the existing harmony and to achieve the best possible integration inτο the plot, the residences do not follow the usual cubic form of the Cycladic houses that makeσ them stand out in the landscape, but instead they are developed subterraneously to preserve the natural environment.

Sturdy stone walls, a reference to the traditional retaining walls of the Cyclades, create the facades and atriums of the residences.

The natural planting fully recovers over the roofs of the complex, making it disappear and restoring the slope to its original state.

This technique achieves both the effective integration of the complex and the harmonious coexistence of the houses, as each one of them individually enjoys the beauty of the landscape in an uninterrupted manner, ensuring privacy and isolation.

In front of each house, in direct connection to its facade and interior space, its own courtyard unfolds. Each courtyard has a set of areas for relaxation, such as various seating areas, a pergola, an outdoor dining area, and a kitchen. Along the horizon, overlooking the island of Paros and the Archipelago, linear infinity pools create a natural and visual boundary for each residence.

St. Anna

Nested in the village of Agia Anna, Naxos, surrounded by the traditional architecture of the Cyclades, this complex comprises twelve holiday houses. Using a modern architectural language of cubist geometries and clean lines, the design simulates the Cycladic architectural style, giving a fully integrated result.

The density of the buildings offers the maximum space for a maximum number of users, without jeopardizing the factors of comfort, privacy, and serenity. Two main walkways cross the plot, providing access to each house. Each house has a distinct character. Opposite to the walkways, there are the private outdoor spaces. Each house has its own courtyard with a swimming pool, thus offering a place of relaxation, isolation, and tranquility.

The combination of ground-floor and two-storey volumes creates an interesting skyline that embellishes the upper floor views with many visual escapes, despite the density of the complex.

Two Ηouses in Laggadi, Naxos

On a plot located near the village Plaka of Naxos stand two independent houses, overlooking the Aegean Sea. In an effort to achieve the harmonization of the building with the natural environment, part of it is placed under the earth. The chosen color palette is based on earthly tones, in order to help the integration of the construction in the surrounding environment.

Functionally, the first house is divided into three levels.

The first one features the common areas, such as the living room and the kitchen, with direct access to the outdoor courtyard, the barbecue area, and the pool.

On the second one, there are two bedrooms, while on the third we find the master bedroom.

All bedrooms have private verandas for privacy and rest.

The second house develops on one level and consists of two volumes. In the main volume, one can find the living room and the kitchen, with direct access to the outdoor courtyard, the barbecue area, and the pool.

In the second volume, there are two bedrooms and the master bedroom, all of which have private verandas.

Due to the steep slope, the houses offer unobstructed views to the Aegean Sea.

Two Houses in Vivlos Naxos

These 2 independent houses, forming a complex glazing over the horizon, are located in Vivlos on the island of Naxos. The second house, the larger part of which is integrated into the hillside, manages to preserve nature while also elevating elements of modernity. On the other hand, the first house, in accordance with the Cycladic architectural tradition, consists of 3 prismatic blocks.

Both buildings contain all the necessary and expected facilities, including 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom, parking space, and a pool with a stunning view of the Aegean Sea.